Battery Backup

Battery Backups: These units will keep and charge all your phones and table devises for days

Easy to use
Great for both phones and tablet PC’s using USB power adapter
plug and forget power
Limited to the size of unit and what you plugging in

I have units like this for ONLY my Cable Modem, Router, IP Land line phone just to keep them running during power outages works perfectly for little disruption. those unit keep those low powered required systems working when we have temporary power outages like lighting strike to the grid for few minutes or so.. i have not run the unit down to see how long they will run.

MY low powered Ipad and iphone continue to work and remain using the internet when the power id down! that unit is dedicated only to those low powered systems

With a dedicated power backup on the internet TV The Flat screen TV with built in internet continues to work when we have short power outages

CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD Intelligent LCD UPS 1500VA 900W AVR Mini-Tower

Smaller units for around the house

CyberPower CP825LCD Intelligent LCD UPS 825VA 450W Compact

they are perfect for 9-12 Watt LED or Florescent lamps that will keep you in lights during power outages and your phones charged

each bedroom should have one for lighting limited lighting interuptions

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