Food Hydroponics Hot Pepper Planter

Felknor Ventures TT081112 Topsy Turvy Upside Down Hot Pepper Planter

Grow delicious hot peppers all season long
Upside-down planter forces water and nutrients to flow directly down from root to pepper
No digging, no weeding, no back breaking work!
Grow all varieties of hot peppers
Simple to set up, even easier to maintain

The Topsy Turvy Hot Pepper Planter is the best new invention ever for growing mouth-watering hot peppers! Topsy Turvy is the famous “upside down” planter, where gravity forces the water and nutrients to pour directly down from the root to the fruit. Featuring easy-to-use and efficient grow bag technology, it has 7 side ports for even bigger yield. Simply place your favorite Hot Pepper plant in the Topsy Turvy, add favorite potting soil, hang it up and water. Sun warms the plant like a greenhouse, the root system explodes and thrives inside the planter. No need for pesticides, digging or weeding – plus, hanging in the air eliminates ground fungus, harmful bacteria and cutworm damage. Grow favorites like Jalapeño, Cayenne, Habanera and more. Create fiery homemade sauces, fun new dips, guaranteed fresh organic seasonings!

Felknor Ventures TT081112 Topsy Turvy Upside Down Hot Pepper Planter

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