Solar Hat Fan Stay Cool

Solarrific W4033 Beige Solar Cooling Hat

Adjustable strap fits most head sizes
Cools under direct sunlight
Perfect for golfing, gardening, hiking, and other activities under sunlight
Fan creates cooling breeze on forehead and face
Quality fabric of 100% breathable cotton

It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane – no, it’s a wonderful new portable air conditioning unit. It looks small but will cool an 1800 sq. foot area. Just kidding. It WILL keep you cool under the hot sun. The solar panel needs to have direct exposure to the sun, and will work until you take it out of the sun.

Solarrific W4033 Beige Solar Cooling Hat

Solar Powered Air Fan Cooled Baseball Hat w/ Solar Panel on the Cap Front Eco Friendly Camping Traveling (Cap Colour:Black / Fan Colour:Blue or Random)

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