Tire Chain the Michelin alternative to metal chains

Michelin 9800500 Easy Grip Composite Tire Snow Chain – Pair

Temporary traction aid for hazardous roads
Simple alternative to metal chains
Strong mesh design grips the snow, while steel cleats grab the ice
Lightweight installs in under 2 minutes and easy to remove
Storage bag included
Not yet approved by the California DOT as a chain substitute for maintain pass travel

Get a Grip on Winter Driving! Introducing Michelin Easy Grip high performance composite snow chains. The new patented snow chain design provides all the performance of a metal chain and the benefit of an easy to install, lightweight composite structure. The design is the first composite structure of its kind and is lightweight, easy to use and has excellent traction. The ultra-durable mesh structure consists of ultra-strong aramid fibers, wrapped in an abrasion resistant polyamide and polyurethane cord, completed with 150 galvanized steel cleats. The mesh design creates studs for gripping snow while the steel cleats grab the ice. Tested and proven effective in the harshest conditions in the French Alps. Michelin Easy Grip snow chains provide a smoother, quieter ride than traditional chains. Taking the European snow chain market by storm… tested and proven for optimum performance on snow and ice. Easy Grip is now a reality in North America! Only for snow and ice covered roads, maximum speed of 25 mph. Always check your tire’s size and compatibility before use. Only for use on private vehicles.

Michelin 9800500 Easy Grip Composite Tire Snow Chain – Pair

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