Volcano Eruption

Volcano Eruption

Pompaii Italy

After Each Eruption more violent than the other they just watched as if it was a TV Show while they live just at the foot of the volcano

The people of Pompeii were quite unprepared for the eruption of Vesuvius – getting on with their busy lives, in total ignorance of what was to come. The signs of impending disaster, though, were there – why did no-one pick up on them?

Just like in the New Orleans USA the People of Pompeii watch as the volcano erupted went about their business over an over thru history you will see that people get stuck with little leadership and everyone is afraid to lead for many reasons. New Orleans hurricane had all the signs alarms and local officials just watch on TV as it was going on at a distant location it almost becomes like a TV show for the population till they realize it it them on TV.

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