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I’m Jim McGuire

Although it isn’t a very pleasant prospect, I believe that we all have to take responsibility for ourselves and our loved ones for what may be on the future horizon.

While not particularly subscribing to the dystopian, apocalyptic view of a future world, I do think that the signs of at least a partial collapse are evident wherever we look.

Even with a positive world-view, natural disasters can strike anytime, so a little prepping could save a lot of heartache, particularly if you’ve got young kids like I have.

It doesn’t take long to get a basic survival kit together in the form of a bug-out bag, filling it full of items that are important in every day life.

Keep a stock of cans and water in the trunk of your car. Think about this – if you can’t get top the supermarket, or if the shelves were empty, what would you eat for a period of 3 days to a week while services are restored.

This type of simple prepping is covered in my blog – stay secure!