What is the One thing that will save you up to 3%-10% on your Gas

What is the One thing That will save you 3%-10% on your Gas?


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What is the One thing that will save you up to 3%-10% on your Gas?

Answer: is the Replacement of the Serpentine Engine Belts or Unibelt for most cars today?

The Serpentine Engine belt eats up your horsepower and Fuel economy

The Serpentine unibelt on most car engines are easy to replace and very inexpensive to do.

When having your car’s oil changed is a great time to have it done! and the cast is based on the type of engine

If your Serpentine belts are older than 3 years you will notice the difference in your cars engine performance.

For the do it yourself person: Most Auto parts stores even lend you the Quick Release tool to loosen the tension on the tension pulley in my unibelt car engine it takes 2 minutes and cost is about 18.00 for the best and now i get the exact mileage the original miles per gallon the car was rated for.

Note: Assuming you’re Maintaining the cars fluides, tires the belts are a part of the smooth running of your Car or Truck.

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Sample Belt Replacement Video on YouTube Does a great job on showing how to replace belt Click Here if you do not see the Youtube video

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