Corby Show on 610 WTVN, Columbus Ohio

Corby Show on 610 WTVN, Columbus,
at 3:05pm Eastern on Tuesday August 13, 2013.
Duration of interview is approximately 15 minutes.

“Corby”, as most people seem to refer to John, was Ohio born and bred. Hailing from the hills of Hocking County, and ending up in the great Capital City by way of the Ohio State University.

Corby is what many would refer to as a “regular guy”. He does “regular guy” things,(i.e. watches LOTS of television) drives a “regular guy” vehicle (Dodge Durango in case you wondered) and likes “regular guy” food. (Chili dogs are one of the staples of his diet) John is able to maintain this normalcy despite being listened to regularly by tens of thousands of people who depend of his daily guidance in order to conduct their lives. From simply nudging people in the right direction when it comes to election day, or saving them from making relationship mistakes, John conducts his daily dose of regularity, with, well, regularity.

If you have just recently begun listening to the show, you may wonder why so many people say “happy birthday” at the beginning of their conversation with John. Here is the scoop…
Quite a few years ago, in the late fall, John was relaying a story about some famous individual who happened to be celebrating a birthday. A caller mistook the discussion to be referring to that day being John’s birthday and wished him a happy birthday. John kindly accepted the well wishes, but gently pointed out that it was not his birthday. Nearly every caller the rest of that afternoon began their chat with John by saying happy birthday. For some unknown reason, the “happy birthday” salutation stuck, and has continued to this day. Yes, sometimes it gets aggravating. And his actual birthday, March 26th.

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