Leadership Prepping: Prepping for disasters by way of food and water is important at the start.

The level 5 leadership, Do leaders need to be charismatic to be effective, How do you get people to work together, Who Should you allow to influence you, How Can positioning place you in leadership, Are leaders born or made? Leadership with Eric Papp

Success & Leadership: How Does it Make MONEY!

How does one know who is running things and are they political or doing what is needed for your community, City, State or nation.

Leadership prepping is an oversight training group to understand an to insert yourself in monitoring acknowledged authorities and lack of to make sure things are getting done both before and after the disaster.

More will be available on Leadership prepping on this page!

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Knowing the Personalities will give you the edge with new prospects and how to handle current clients with better effectiveness

NLP: Neuro linguistic programming Understanding Behavior = Business Success The D.I.S.C System

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