What Should Be in an Apoplalypse Kit?

What should be in an apocalypse kit

There are many items you’ll want to include in your apocalypse kit. Some items are obvious, such as a flashlight and water bottle. There are other items you might want to include, such as paracord bracelets and a compass with a battery. You’ll also want to make sure you have plenty of space in your backpack for your essential items. And last but not least, you’ll want a warm sleeping bag.

Paracord bracelet

One of the best tools for surviving an apocalypse is a paracord bracelet. It is a small and lightweight tool that can be used to build shelters, set traps, and even cut down game. Moreover, it can be used to protect yourself from attackers.

Paracord bracelets come in many colors and designs. If you want to choose a stylish bracelet, choose the one that is made of a high-quality rope. You can also choose one that has a stainless steel metal clasp. This kind is great for people who like to be active and want a bracelet that is both functional and stylish. There are over two dozen colors to choose from.

You can make a paracord bracelet from many different materials. You can add different kinds of connection pieces and add a whistle buckle to make noise for help. You can also use the paracord bracelet as a handcuff, a tether, a tourniquet, a fishing line, or a bow and arrow string.

You can buy a paracord bracelet in a store or online. This bracelet is made to withstand extreme weather conditions. It is ideal for urban or rural survival. This survival tool comes with two straps, one for everyday use, and one for emergency use.

Another good use for paracord bracelets is as a shoelace. It can replace a broken shoelace if you need to tie up your shoes. It can also be used to tie up your shoes, which is essential if you are outdoors. It can also snare a 14-foot alligator.

A paracord bracelet can also be useful for making fire. A strand of the survival bracelet can be used to create a fire with a bow and fill friction method. The key is to practice this method before using it. A strand of the paracord bracelet can also be tied to a branch. This makes it easier to get traction for a fire.

You can use paracord to make traps for fish. For this, you can make a slipknot by twisting two strands together. Besides making traps, paracord can also be used to build an emergency shelter. You can attach a tarp, fabric, or emergency Mylar blankets to a tree with a Type III 550 cord bracelet. It can also be used as a ridgeline system for a tent-like shelter.

Paracord is a lightweight, strong, and dependable survival tool. It was used by the U.S. military for suspension lines during World War II. It was also used by astronauts on the Space Shuttle to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. Although paracord is no longer a military-grade material, it is a great survival tool.


A compass is an essential survival item, and you should consider keeping one in your kit. A good compass should have functions that can be useful for a variety of situations. For example, you can use it to navigate in unfamiliar territory. Similarly, a compass can guide you to water and floats in shallow water.

Despite its importance, a compass is of little use if you don’t have a map. It’s best to bring a secondary compass in case you don’t have a primary one. If you are lost, you can also use shadow sticks and basic star navigation. It’s also a good idea to know important land marks so that you can triangulate your position if necessary.

The Silva 40 Escape & Evasion Compass has a 0.08 inch thickness and 0.35 inch diameter. It is lightweight and can be attached to a lanyard. The BCB Explorer Button Compass is another SERE compass that’s suitable for emergency use. It weighs 0.14 ounces and measures 0.75 inches.

In order to use a compass, you first have to line up the compass bezel with a known landmark. Next, turn the compass so that its orienting lines run north-south. Make sure the North arrow on the bezel points towards the North of the map. After this, rotate the bezel until the orienting lines match the map.

If you need to take accurate bearings, a compass is essential. Using a compass can help you navigate accurately in unfamiliar areas. In addition to acquiring the correct bearing, a compass can also help you navigate by giving you the right direction. Its sighting mirror can also help you see your map in a more accurate manner.

A global compass can be invaluable if the conditions are critical. This type of compass can handle a fair amount of tilting and still give accurate readings despite being held up not exactly level. A good example of such a compass is the Suunto MC-2G, which has a global needle, adjustable declination, and a sighting mirror.

Compass battery

Having a reliable compass is an essential part of your survival kit. It will help you find your way in case of emergency. Whether you’re on the road or in the wilderness, you can use this tool to guide you. Unlike a cell phone, a compass uses no battery, meaning you’ll be able to use it whenever you need it. It also has a built-in SOS signal and an LED flashlight.