Emergency Prepping is not for those in the wild any more with, Flooding, Wildfires, Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Civil unrest in all corners of the world that can fluctuate commodity prices such as food and fuel or pirates that hold cargo ships and delay supplies.

Battery backup solar generators

Portable Shelter

Flood Zone inflatable boat

Portable Shelter

Storm Fabric

In Ground Shelter

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  • Simple tactics for food and water are the first essentials a budge of $10.00 a week dedicated to the the supply of long term expiration date food stocks See the 10 Ten items to have at the ready.
  • Each area of the world has it’s challenges and you must be aware of them and where to go and what to do for each area you may be in.
  • World travelers should learn their destinations if they are on a long term work assignment. If sirens go off what are they for and where are the people going how much time do you have when they ring etc.

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